Southern Region Chiropractic

Postural dysfunction

Postural dysfunction is a problem that seems to be becoming much more common. At Southern Region Chiropractic we believe that this is in part due to the forward flexed posture that people use when looking at computer screens, laptops, tablets, and of course mobile phones. Postural dysfunction can cause back pain and stiffness, neck pain and stiffness, and headaches. Poor posture causes muscle fatigue and makes injury more likely as the important core stabilising muscles decondition and other muscles tighten to compensate. Postural dysfunction can have a significant effect on a patient’s quality of life and their ability to go about your day to day activities.

Generally, postural dysfunction is a consequence of bad habits such as slouching and inactivity causing muscle fatigue and tension. Sometimes however what can appear as “poor posture” is a result of a disorder such as Scheuermann’s disease, scoliosis or osteoporotic spinal compression fractures. Given the many different possible causes of poor posture an accurate diagnosis is essential for proper management or referral to another health professional if warranted.

The chiropractors at Southern Region Chiropractic Mittagong and Goulburn first focus on diagnosing the cause of postural dysfunction in order to determine the best evidence-based treatment approach. This diagnosis is made after the chiropractor has taken a detailed history and performed a thorough examination. Treatment may include joint mobilisation or manipulation, soft tissue release, dry needling, postural re-education, ergonomic and activity modification advice, and the prescription of home exercises. The use of these techniques varies depending on the patient’s age, health and their personal preferences.