Southern Region Chiropractic

Pinched nerves and nerve pain

Nerve entrapment or a “pinched nerve” can occur when pressure is applied to a nerve by a structure or tissue including cartilage, bone, muscles or tendons. This results in symptoms such as sharp, shooting, aching or burning pain, numbness or decreased sensation, tingling or “pins and needles” and muscle weakness. There are many conditions which can cause nerve entrapment such as disc bulge or herniation, osteoarthritis, piriformis syndrome or thoracic outlet syndrome just to name a few. Nerve pain may also be the result of a problem in the central nervous system or a metabolic or endocrine disorder. Given the many different possible causes of nerve entrapment or nerve pain an accurate diagnosis is essential for proper management or referral to another health professional if warranted.

The chiropractors at Southern Region Chiropractic Mittagong and Goulburn first focus on diagnosing the cause of a patient’s nerve entrapment or nerve pain in order to determine the best evidence-based treatment approach. This diagnosis is made after the chiropractor has taken a detailed history and performed a thorough examination. Our chiropractors are extensively trained in the assessment and diagnosis of such conditions and may refer a patient to their GP for additional imaging if necessary.

Treatment may include joint mobilisation or manipulation, soft tissue release, dry needling, advice on pain relieving methods, ergonomic and activity modification advice, and the prescription of home exercises. The use of these techniques varies depending on the patient’s age, health and their personal preferences.