Southern Region Chiropractic


Ben Hayes, Chiropractor

Ben grew up in northwest Sydney and spent most of his young years focused on sport; primarily rugby league, rugby union, surf-life saving and cricket. Fortunately his last couple of years of high school were also spent in diligent study and after leaving school he began studying Medical Science at Sydney University.

Ben’s introduction to chiropractic came when he sought treatment for a recurrent neck injury that began with a wayward tackle during a rugby game. He was very impressed with the outcome of treatment and when the chiropractor suggested that Ben should study chiropractic he enrolled straight away. He also realised that had he been treated sooner he may not have suffered the severe upper back pain and stiffness he had during his HSC.

After graduating with a Master of Chiropractic from Macquarie University in 1999 Ben spent his first years working in a variety of clinics both as an associate and locum. He loved the work but sometimes felt that the clinics were too regimental in both their treatment approach and patient scheduling. As a result it seemed that care of the patients as individuals with their own specific symptoms was lost.

Ben first met Randall Kelly at a seminar in 2003 and he was immediately impressed with his views on chiropractic and healthcare in general. When Randall went looking for a two week locum soon after Ben answered the call and eleven years later he is still here and plans to be for many years to come.

Ben’s clinical focus is to help his patients get better as quickly as possible using evidence based, individualized treatment involving chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue techniques and rehabilitation exercises. His post-graduate education has included further study in paediatrics, orthopaedics and neurology. Ben has also studied from two different schools in dry needling- a technique which involves the use of acupuncture needles in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

Ben is a member of Chiropractic Australia and the Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of Australasia and is registered with WorkCover NSW and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. He lives in Mittagong with his wife Leah and his two daughters.

Yuleena Cheung, Chiropractor

Yuleena’s approach is evidence-based and through a thorough history and examination she is able to tailor treatment in order to get the best possible outcome. She aims to educate and empower her patients with rehabilitation and prevention strategies. Yuleena uses a variety of techniques including spinal manipulative therapy, mobilisation and soft tissue techniques. She is a member of Chiropractic Australia and the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australia.

Timothy Paynter, Chiropractor

Tim tailors his treatment to the individual patient combining both his extensive knowledge of evidence based exercise rehabilitation and chiropractic techniques. He aims to get to the bottom of his patient’s symptoms and provide them with the tools and understanding to prevent further injuries in the future. Tim uses a variety of techniques including spinal manipulative therapy, mobilisation and soft tissue techniques.